Be Frassy                                                                                                     Tiphaine's Diary

Overflow of fashion; that’s how she defines “Frassy”                               All the way from Switzerland, Tiphanie indulges us with fashion
but we see her as a truly inspirational Blogger that writes                           a unique sense of style. Her blog is not only about fashion.
from the heart while she enjoys her travels, Paris and fashion.                   she goes through all her unique experiences with ther readers
                                                                                                                     while she travels the world.


Farfelue                                                                                                           Mes Voyages à Paris

Faye, an English girl who fell in love with Paris and simply                          Monica is one of the most stylish bloggers that we have met
couldn’t stay away so moved here indefinitely. You’ll find her                      She loves fashion, traveling and Paris; she is clearly a
on the streets forever photographing the magic of the city and                       unique example of living your life to the fullest.
all its hidden corners.                                                                                      

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