Espresso in Paris

Espresso in Paris is a Facebook page that has grown so much since it started. It is all about coffe, Paris and great pictures that will make you crazy for coming to Paris. We have had the chance to get to know it's creator, Tina, a little bit better and obviously... we want to share it with you!

What made you open a Facebook page? And Why Espresso in Paris?
-         Espresso in Paris is a page dedicated to my favourite things in the world. I wanted to share my love for those things with people all over the world who love the same. Paris is the number one, followed by coffee, pastries, …

How many times have you been to Paris?
-         I have been to Paris for the first time in ’06. I’ve returned  a few times and I try to go once a year. Until now I have succeeded.

What would you say you love most about Paris?
-         The feeling I get when I walk down the streets of Paris. Anything is possible if you’re in Paris. It’s a place where everybody comes together and finds themselves in everything that Paris has to offer.


Do you have a favorite type of coffe? Where is it from?
-         I drink Ristretto on a daily basis. In the evening I switch to Lungo. I have a particular brand and espresso machine at home but any espresso with a dice of sugar will do for me.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
-         From me and myself only. I post what I feel and what I like. I re-post from other pages the same thing. I will never post something I don’t fully support. I believe I speak to a lot of people with my likes and dislikes. I’m open to any suggestions and people can always send me pictures or articles they like to see posted on my page as long as it’s in line with what my page stands for.

Have you ever though in opening a Blog or site?
-         For now I’m good with my page on Facebook. I also have an account on Pinterest. I have a fulltime job so for now I can combine them. I have a co-founder since November. Her name is Cynthia an she does an amazing job. I couldn’t do it without her.

What does Espresso in Paris mean to you?
-         It’s my expression into the world. I am very grateful I can touch so many people with my love for Paris, coffee, … and I’m thankful to every single one of them. Espresso in Paris is my private little club of wonderful people who adore Paris, love to drink coffee and like to eat pastries.

Do you have any future plans for it?
   Only time will tell what comes on my way for it.

Thanks to Tina for taking this time to answer our questions, for being this honest and we hope you enjoy her Facebook Page Espresso in Paris 

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