Winter in Paris

The winter in Paris gets really serious sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love how Paris looks under snow but I think you won't desagree if I say that Spring time is the perfect time to get to know Paris. 
So today we are giving you the main reasons why we miss Spring and you will also find that this might be the perfect season to book a cosy and romantic apartment in the city of Love.

- Flowers: Yes, you heard right. When Spring arrives to Paris all the flowers start to bloom and the city turns into a unique and colorful show!
- Weather: This city is perfect in every sense and what I like about it, is that no matter where you go, you will always see something that will catch your attention. There's nothing like stroll around, discover new streets and treasures that were there waiting to be discovered.
Spring is perfect for this because the weather is just perfect in Paris during this season.
- Light: I can't explain how beautiful this city turns when you see one Spring sunset from Pont des Arts. During this long winter season, we have to deal with short and grey days, and let's be honest, they don't make any justice to this wonderful city!

What's your favorite season? And more important, When would you like to visit Paris?


  1. My fave city in the World! Amazing pictures even in winter!

  2. Beautiful! I'm coming back to Paris for fashion week on Monday and I can't wait!