Get to know Rue Rodier

Some time ago we decided to present you to the most influential Parisian Bloggers and our favorite ones. Today we have the pleasure to let you know a little bit more about Rue Rodier, a Blog that will captivate your senses and will make you move to Paris at last!

Could you please introduce yourself?
I’m an English/American who followed her heart from London to Paris two yeas ago. I live in the 10eme with my boyfriend and I’m a freelance writer and photographer, and I also create content for brands.

How would you best describe Rue Rodier? 
A personal lifestyle blog with a focus on interiors, style, food & travel!

Could you explain us what make you start this blog? And where does the name Rue Rodier comes from? 
I started it when I moved to Paris just over two years ago, as a way of documenting my time here, as a creative outlet and to be able to further pursue my photography. I was editing a London-based arts & fashion site when I moved here and I work as a writer/ journalist, so thought it would be great to have my own personal space on the Internet. Rue Rodier was the first street I lived on in Paris.

What is your daily life like in Paris? 
Depending on the day, I try to exercise (I have a routine I like to do at home) or grab a coffee with a friend in the morning. Then I either work from home or at a café. My day varies, depending on what project I’m working on – it might be writing, interviewing, photographing or managing social media, but generally I’m a bit of a homebody and like to work from my apartment, which I’ve been gradually furnishing since we moved in towards the end of last year. It’s my ongoing project! In the evening I’ll cook with my boyfriend or eat out with a friend. 

What do you love most about blogging? 
It’s personal – I can do what I want with my blog and it’s connected me to some great, like-minded people in Paris, who have become friends. It’s also given me the opportunity to be more creative.

Do you have a favorite Blog that inspires you?
I don’t have one particular favourite blog. I love photography and hope to work more in that field this year. A few blogs that have inspired me are: La Buena Vida,  Lingered Upon, Paris in four months, Park and Cube and Wit&Delight

Could you please describe your perfect weekend in Paris.
 I’d probably start Saturday with a coffee at somewhere like Fondation or Ten Belles, as they’re close to me, then head to a gallery, either Yvon Lambert as it’s free and I always find something interesting going on there, followed by a quick browse in their bookshop. Or I’ll go to somewhere like the Picasso museum, or Musee D’Orsay/ Pompidou depending what’s on. For lunch I’d head over to Clamato on Rue Charonne and then duck in and out of the boutiques on the same street. I’d finish the afternoon with a roam around Merci and a tea in their Used Book Café. Saturday night would be dinner at Les Quilles, Marylou, Chatomat or Death by Burrito with friends and if it’s warm, perhaps drinks at le Perchoir. Sunday would consist of a lazy morning and breakfast, either at home – my boyfriend cooks the best pancakes, or at the Chambre des Oiseaux / the Rose Bakery or Paperboy. We’d then wander down to the market on Richard Lenoir to pick up the week’s food shopping and a bunch of flowers, followed by coffee over at Folks & Sparrows, as they’re usually not too busy on a Sunday. I’d probably then go meet a friend for another coffee or gallery trip and then if the weather’s warm head down to the Seine for drinks at le Rosa Bonheur or have a picnic.

Quick questions

Favorite restaurant in Paris? My current favourite is Clamato – I finally ate there for my birthday and it surpassed my expectations. I love the minimal, rustic, but beautiful interior and the seafood is delicious. Another favourite for dinner is Marylou.
Zodiac sign? Taurus
Most beloved coffee place in Paris? It would be a toss between Folks & Sparrows, Fondation, Ten Belles and the Broken Arm (there are now so many great cafes in Paris!)
Favorite flower? My current favourites are ranunculas

We are so happy you had a moment to introduce yourself to our audience. If you haven't visit the Blog Rue Rodier by now, you totally should!


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