Experience Paris - By Tiphaine's Diary

Last month we had the pleasure to welcome the lovely Tiphaine in one of our apartments 
It is amazing to us how clients and Bloggers come to Paris with a huge excitement to be in the city of love. Moreover the people that have already been in Paris, the emotion that carrie them to re-visit this city allows us to see how amazing and beautiful this city is.

The truth is that wherever you come from, you end up loving this city as much as you love yours. It is magical how Paris welcome people from all over the world and make them feel at home.

We were so happy to see how excited Tiphaine was about being in Paris again (you see it here) and her face during the entire video could tell us how much she loves this city. That's what makes it unique, being able to welcome people in the city they have been dreaming of.

Don't hesitate in seeing the whole experience here (CLICK) and also don't forget to follow Tiphaine in her social media, she takes amazing photos!


  1. These photos look like a dream! Ah, the magic of Paris!

  2. Great pics!
    Xx Nicoleta

  3. so nice :)


  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the purse.

    - Adi xxo