Christmas Market : it's now !

Lights, smells, music...
The Christmas Market begins today ! On the most famous Parisian avenue, the magic takes place to fulfill your dreams, and make the end of the year more magic than you expected.
The small illuminated stands bring the Champs Élysées to life; and all the Parisian families and couples come to feel that typical Parisian magic.

Until the 2nd of January, you can come to discover or re-discover that unique market... 
Choose an apartment to live that fairy-tale !


  1. Ah, How I miss being able to visit Christmas Markets! None here in the sandpit called Dubai! :(

    Deepti |

    1. Thanks a lot !
      Don't hesitate to check our apartments on our website ( if you want to see it for real, you have until the 2nd of January to come and visit! ;)