Pont Neuf: You and I

They call Paris the city of Love and we all know why. When I first arrived in Paris I felt amazed by it's beauty and though "This is like a dream"; since the very first moment I knew that Paris was unique but I never knew that it had changed my life till the moment I left.

My friends used to watch me stand in Pont Neuf just looking around and feeling the crazy emotions that Paris offers. That very first look when you look into someone's eyes and  instantly know that you are in love, Have you ever felt that?. Well, that's what I feel when I stand in Pont Neuf.
People were surprised when I said that I liked walking all my way home from work; I am sure that if they had to cross Pont Neuf to arrive home they would have done it too.
From the dark mornings to the summer sunsets, I don't know how many times I have standed in Pont Neuf for more than half an hour just looking around and when my guard is down I feel that inner voice of mine saying "Go back to Paris".
Some years ago I wanted to travel the world, I felt in love with New York when I was there and I have known many places but I can absolutely say that I left my heart in Paris. 

Photos by Habitat Parisien
Words by Marie

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  1. Lovely photos,,, I wish I was living in Paris :)