That Place

Paris is a show of beauty. If anyone would say to me "I am only going to visit Europe once in my life" I would say straight up "Go to Paris".  Some of us, that have lived there, know how hard it is to find a place that suits you and when you finally find one you realize how ridicously expensive it is. 
Since I have been there I know that there is a feeling that people living in Paris get very often: Liking someone's place better than yours. It happens all the time, and it seems that everyone finds great deals except you right?. Well, let me tell you one thing; They are lying! Why would everyone around you pay less than you and have a better place? It's just impossible.

Maybe you have just looked for the highest prices in all Paris or maybe you are just not lucky. I am not lucky, that's for sure! The greatest thing that can happen to you in Paris when you have friends over is to get one of those amazing apartments right infront of the Opera, and pretend that your life is like a dream. At least, till your friends are gone!

These photos were taken at Monsigny by Meg

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